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Enterprise activity
The beginning of our history accounts for 2000. The first and only at that time was kind of transport expedition vehicles 20 tons at that time there was tough competition, but persistent and clear, responsebilyty  work has given its results. We trusted big companies and corporations, and we gratefully responded to this we trust.

And in 2003 we bought the first car, and began to carry out international transport to Italy Nimechyny, Denmark, Holland, Poland. Every year we increased the number of vehicles acquired experience, and in 2007 we became members ASMAP.

We are trusted companies such as "Rehau", "Amaco", "Gabin", "Rise", "JOBI", "Krupets ahroptytsya.", Agrpfirma Zory and others.
  We ship thousands of tons of cargo each month, over the years, millions of tons of cargo, we were taken to the place of assignment.

We strive to satisfy our customers` needs and sohodniyshniy day we kaksymalno expanded range of services for the transport of goods:

Autoworld-transekspedytsiya is povinist integrated range of logistics services. Our activities include individual approach to each client, with to develop optimal logistic model.

Autoworld-transekspedytsiya offers optimal solutions, combining transportuvanyan, storage, and additional services. Providing services in conjunction with advisory support, quality drozvolyayut implement the most complex projects.

Prepared by the team individual logistics package for the journey will supply you competitive advantage in your business.